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James - Hansi - Last 17th April 1929 - 9th June 2015
James (Hans) Last

17th April 1929 - 9th June 2015

On April 17th 1929 Hans Last was born in the North German Bremen-Sebaldsbrück. In our biography you can read his life story. For his first Non Stop Dancing album, the Polydor record company had renamed him James, without his knowledge, and that for a possible success on the international market. This turned out to be a good decision!

The name James Last still is an understatement in the history of big bands and popular orchestras. Last was by far the most innovative and inventive orchestra leader. With his unseen diligence and creativity he practically did not pass on any musical style. His music was often quirky and atypical within the genre and that made him so unique.

Sound without borders

The innovative James Last Sound broke old patterns, and that in terms of instrumentation, timbre and rhythm. With 'Non Stop Dancing 1965', the fresh sound of the James Last Band revolutionized the world of big bands and popular orchestras, which often still live up to the sound of Glenn Miller. By arranging the young pop music, Last made bridges between generations.

Because of his big popularity in England in 1967, from there he would conquer the rest of the world.

Without a doubt it can be said that James Last with his 'sound without limits' ensured the restyling and constant preservation of qualitative orchestral music.

His huge discography would amount to about 190 original productions.

James Last in Concert

On the 26th April 2015, and six weeks before his death, his final concert has taken place at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne.

From 1969 he gave more than 2500 concerts on all continents with his international cast of top musicians. With 91 performances in the London "Royal Albert Hall" he broke all records.

'James Last in Concert' was a must see. With a musical program that went from Bach and The Beatles to Lady Gaga or Christina Aguilera, folk music and Evergreens, Last's concert was a true goose bump experience.

James Last Benelux Club

As James Last Benelux Club we remain full of admiration for the life's work of the Gentleman of Music and Lounge Legend.

We officially started in September 1982, after receiving the approval of James 'Hansi' Last himself, and his record company Polydor (Deutsche Grammophon). Our fan club grew out of a small group of friends, to an established value in the world of James Last!

On this website you can go 24/24 hours for the latest news and so much more information about James Last and the fanclub.

Would you like to join our international fan community? If you have any questions, suggestions, ... please contact us.

Very Welcome!

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