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 James - Hansi - Last 17 april 1929 - 9 juni 2015
James (Hans) Last

17-04-1929 – 09-06-2015

Wednesday June 10th 2015 around 10:00am we got the startling message about the death of Hansi, yesterday in Florida. One message followed another.

Words fall short. Even though we all knew that Hansi was very ill, and that the tour this year was ‘luck’ – it was granted to him – yet the news still came as a bolt from the blue. But our dear Hansi will remain in our hearts, in all the great memories, and above all continue to live by his wonderful music.

Thank you Hansi, God bless you.

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'Gentleman of Music and Sound Legend'

In the last three decades of the 20th century James Last was a great symbol and phenomena in the scene of instrumental music. From 1965 on, his refreshing sound brought a great revolution in the world of Big Bands and instrumental music. The innovating James Last Sound broke all old patterns, so for the set, so for the timbre, so for rhythms. Until then Big Band music was mostly under the influence of Glenn Miller. In 1965 Hans Last, 36, dared as first to produce instrumental arrangements of the new upcoming pop music. His party formula “Non Stop Dancing ‘65” was ideal and connected the generations. The train of his success started and the career that followed is still unique. We can pose that James Last and his sound-without-borders guarantee continuing restyling and continuation of instrumental music from a higher standard. For lots of artists and musicians he was the great example.

By the turn of the decades and after more then 35 years of career, James – Hansi – Last is still full of energy, full of inspiration and has an eternal joy of living. This happy feeling is transmitted on millions of fans on all the continents, from Europe and the U.S. into Asia too. His very developed productions and concerts today are the equivalent for perfection and quality, a pure musical delight.

As James Last Benelux Club we have the privilege to be among his fans. For us the always humble Hansi Last is a great phenomena and above all a fantastic person to meet. You can visit our website 24 on 24 to read the latest news on James Last and everything that could interest his fans. If you want to join us, click on "Contact us". You’re always welcome!

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